Waste Streams

A waste stream is any material that we dispose of as part of our every day business.  They might sound like part of a sewer, but waste streams are actually the purest streams there are.  And there's 42 of them flowing through the Senator landscape.

It is a very simple concept, we simply look at what we're throwing away and work out why it's being thrown away, and then apply the 3 R's principle - reduce, reuse, recycle.  By sorting and segregating our internal and external waste we reduce the waste at source, where possible, before reusing and recycling, to c
onstantly drive down the amount of material that ends up in landfill.

We are always uncovering new types of waste within our business.  When we do - like oil prospectors - we immediately tap them.  This way we can control, channel and stem the flow of the stream.

Waste Streams
Materials Reduce Reuse Recycle
Office Paper Yes Yes Yes
Cardboard   Yes Yes
Board Yes Yes Yes
Wood dust Yes   Yes
Low density polythene (LDEP)     Yes
Novafoam/LDPE edge protector   Yes  
Expanded polystyrene (EPS)   Yes  
Polystyrene (PS)     Yes
Polyurethane (PU)     Yes
Nylon (PA)     Yes
Polyvinylchloride (PVC)     Yes
Polypropylene (PP)     Yes
Hide Yes   Yes
Fabric Yes   Yes
Ink cartridges Yes Yes  
Steel     Yes
Aluminium     Yes
Fluorescent lighting     Yes
Thinners   Yes Yes
Pallets   Yes Yes
Aerosols Yes   Yes
Foam   Yes Yes
Computer equipment     Yes
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